Andrew Molodynski

Scientific Committee Members

Consultant community psychiatrist. Oxford Health NHSFT. Oxford University.BMA mental health lead.


Andrew Molodynski is a consultant psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHSFT and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Oxford University, UK. He has worked in community psychiatry for 20 years and been actively involved in research for 15.

He has published on social and occupational functioning in people with severe mental illness and on different forms of service provision. He has co- edited a book on coercion in mental health care, and authored various book chapters and over 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is the chair of the World Association of Social Psychiatry working group on coercion ( which aims to provide education and links for interested parties.

Andrew is also the deputy national mental health lead for the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

Andrew is the national mental health lead for the British Medical Association consultant committee He also sits on the BMA quadri-national community care committee.

Current active areas of research include emergency mental health crisis care and the role of the police, the welfare of medical students internationally, and as co investigator in 3 randomised controlled trials-the use of an app in the treatment of depression, increasing social networks in people with psychosis, and reducing antipsychotic maintenance medication.