Igor Švab

Scientific Committee Members

GP. Dean at University of Ljubljana, Medical faculty & Professor of Family Medicine . Wonca .


Igor Švab, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, born 16.9. 1957 in Ljubljana. He graduated from the in 1981. Masters in 1988, PhD in 1991 at the University of Ljubljana. Worked in a rural health centre, the National Institute of Public Health and later at faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. He worked in held many international positions in family medicine. He was president of the European association of family physicians Wonca Europe 2004-2010. First Head of the Department of Family Medicine and current dean of the medical faculty.

Editor-in-chief of the journal Slovenian Journal of Public Health. Member of Slovenian and Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences, member of European Academy of Sciences and arts, honorary member of the Royal College of general Practitioners (UK) and recipient of the title of Wonca World fellow.
Part of the World Dignity Project since its inception in 2015.