Sarah Tushemereirewe

Regional Vice President Africa



Sarah Tushemereirwe is one of the cofounders of Free Mind Hive and is currently the Executive Director. Free Mind Hive is a non-profit organisation that exists to create mental health awareness, fight stigma and support individuals with psychosocial disabilities.
She is God-fearing, certified public speaker, innovator, writer and baker who is passionate about a holistic health of individuals and communities.
She advocates for the well-being of children and youth and promotes a healthy lifestyle. She is a Resilience Coach and runs programmes that aim at building resilience and aid recovery from Adverse Child Experiences/Childhood trauma. She has impacted over 10,000 people through sharing her experience with mental health conditions.
She pays special focus on changing mind-sets, helps individuals realise their potential to manage life stresses, make good decisions and thrive in life.
She also takes part in advocacy work that fights for the rights of individuals with psycho-social disabilities in order to combat stigma, quicken recovery and encourage people to speak up about their mental health conditions and seek help.
She volunteers with other organisations that work with children with special needs.