Toluse Francis



Mental Health Advocate with Lived Experience, CEO Reuel Consulting. Director WFMH.


Toluse Francis is a born teacher-trainer, a biochemist and supply chain professional turned mental health practitioner, behavioral change professional, thought leader and author of the various books and courses.

He has obtained training in Biochemistry, NLP, Life Coaching, CBT, Psychology, Mental Health Studies, Human Nutrition, Psychology and Psychological First Aid to mention a few.

As a therapist, Toluse offers an integrative method of working with his clients in areas such as depression, substance use, anxiety, relationship matters to mention a few.

Toluse currently volunteers with Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) where he acts as the Training Lead, Solid Foundation Teens Ministry as Communications Lead and The Alright's Passion Counselors Network as the Head of Academy . He is a Board Director at WFMH