Wednesday 29th June 12.30 - 13.00 h. Location: Robert Perks - Level 1

Mr. Steve Maingot

Project Manager. Charity Secretary. WDP.

Ms. Lisa Weston- Mangion

Trustee, World Dignity Project - CEO, The Wellness Lab. Barrister and Mediator.

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525/117 Prevalence and Factors Associated with Mental Illness Symptoms among School Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United Arab Emirates

Ghader, Nariman¹, Fikri, Asma², AbdulRazzak, Hira², Saleheen, Hassan³, Saddik, Basema⁴

525/133 Hierarchical and nested relationship between depression,quality of life,social support and marriage and suicide risk for the elderly in rural China:A machine learning analysis of psychological autopsy

Cao, Yourong¹, Chen, Xinguang², Jia, Cunxian³, Zhou, Liang⁴, Ma, Zhenyu¹